Sunday, May 14, 2006


Eastwood, 27.
Southern Districts, 27.
T.G. Millner Field, Marsfield.

Another draw. Like The Woods-Uni game, Eastwood led by a small margin until the opposition scored after the fulltime siren. Bah!

Another freezing Saturday afternoon in the stands at T.G. Millner. I don't get to see my best mate all that often anymore, and going to the rugby is one of those things that always brings us back together. I see us growing old and still going to the rugby on most Saturdays; he with his children and me with my, erm, golden retrievers.

Another ode to scrumhalf Josh Holmes. He can feed his Gilbert into my scrum whenever he'd like.

Another semi-final. Next week, Eastwood plays Parramatta at T.G. Millner in the Shute Shield semis. Woo!

Listening to:
Title: High and Dry
Artist: Radiohead
Album/station: The Bends (1995)
Length: 4.19