Sunday, April 30, 2006


Eastwood, 34.
Sydney University, 34.
University Oval No.1, Camperdown.

With seconds to go, my Woodies had a three-point lead. But a penalty after the full-time whistle levelled the scores. Gah! Uni's lineouts REALLY SUCKED, which was good for us; it was the lineouts that killed Eastwood in the Toohey's New Cup final last year. And the new Woodies scrumhalf is HOT. I was too busy salivating to find out his name, though. Probably just as well.

My bestmate Sarge and I tottled down to uni for the Shute Shield Woods-Uni game yesterday, the first clash between the two for the year. Seeing my Woods and my Uni play each other is a twice-yearly event that I never miss - or at least I try not to. And regardless of the result, of course, I'll still wear my Eastwood jersey on the Monday following.

We also went to see Kokoda at the George Street cinnies. I cried. How embarrassing. See, there was an old man sitting a seat away from me; for all I knew, he may or may not been a war veteran. But just before the closing credits rolled, he dabbed his eyes and blew his nose. And that's when I lost it. (I wasn't uncontrollably weeping, mind you. Quite restrained.)

Listening to:
Title: Light My Candle
Artist: Adam Pascal (as Roger Davis) and Rosario Dawson (as Mimi Marquez)
Album/station: Rent: Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2006)
Length: 4.10