Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh noes! I can't afford my fag habit!

So interests rates have gone up and the aspirationals (read: bogans) cry foul. You know what? Tough shit. If you decide to spend dangerously beyond your means, you deserve to be stung. You can't honestly believe that $55k can support four kids (and another on the way), a mortgage and a $48/week fag habit. And they're jumping the Lib-ship, too. Have some conviction, people. Stick to your golden boy.

Our fearless leader should shoulder some of the blame for the latest economic woes and should get the sack for this and everything else the rodent has been the perpetrator of in his ten years in office. But the mindless twits who voted for him under the pretense of cheaper borrowing to fund their materialist aspirations aren't entirely blameless. While The Great One claimed that he could keep a lid on the cash rate, plebs everywhere borrowed and spent like they had some kind of monetary dysentry.

And as if changing one's vote is going to change one's personal situation. More than anything, I think this whole episode has highlighted the fact that lots of people out there are single-issue voters. And shallow, selfish issues at that. Whatever happened to having no child living in poverty? Or free and secular education for all? Or toiling with our hearts and hands to make this Commonwealth of ours renowned of all the lands? What about our boundless plains to share?

Meanwhile, I like the irony that the tax cuts may have contributed to the interest rate hike.

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