Thursday, August 17, 2006

Chorus angelorum te suscipiat.

I'm not particularly spiritual. A faith in his noodleness is about as religious as I get. But I'm partial to religious music. Only some, mind you. None of that cheap Hill$ong arms-in-the-air 'rock'. Real, proper stuff. Requiem mass compositions, choral works, and even some British anthemic hymns. How lame.

Requiems I like especially. It might be a little morbid - they're about death after all - but they're beautiful pieces of music. They're solemn in parts, and in others they're literally striking the fear of God into you.

Requiem Tix

So I've bought some tix. Who shall I take with me?

Listening to:
Title: Pie Iesu
Artist: Schola Cantorum of Oxford
Album/station: Faure: Requiem, Messe basse, Cantique de Jean Racine (1994)
Length: 3.31