Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aww, diddums.

Whether or not our mate Johnny is to blame, one of Howard's battlers says that her trust in our fearless leader has been destroyed because of the interest rate rise.

Never mind the lies and non-core promises that Honest John made in the run up to every election to date. Never mind that no children were ever thrown overboard, or that he introduced the GST that he promised he wouldn't. And neither should we mind that there were never any weapons of mass destruction.

Apparently, it doesn't matter that essential government services and public goods are being run into the ground, or that access to genuine opportunity is being reduced rather than increased for those who need it most. Neither does it matter that Australia is becoming a socially, culturally, technologically and intellectually stagnant backwater.

Only now that the credit card bills are coming in, the mortgage repayment for the McMansion is due and the hip pockets are being hit, suddenly trust in Howard takes a dive. Permit me to perform le eyeroll.

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