Sunday, July 23, 2006

On the eve of second semester.

I actually looking forward to uni this semester. I'm overloaded by about six credit points but I'll see how I go. I'll get to catch up with a few people and see how their pracs went.

And speaking of which, I found myself over at one of those gay online dating sites, the one that I joined years ago and almost forgot about until someone pointed me over there recently, and I stumbled acorss a lad I knew from my course at uni. Outed. But I mean, more me than him. See I'm not out to any one in my course - well, not to anyone in the B.Ed. side of it at least. Ah well, it had to happen sometime.

Meanwhile, inspired by McDonald's El Maco burger, I made myself a Mexican-themed burger for dinner. Behold:

Mexican-themed burger

A Woolies burger with lettuce, cheese, nacho sauce, some guacamole I'd made myself, a dash of Nando's peri-peri sauce and some sour cream on two thick slices of toast. Like, ohmigod. I was sad when it was all over.

No one comment on how messy my kitchen is. I already know. And yes, I was too lazy to wash and shred my own lettuce.

Listening to:
Title: Lacrimosa
Artist: Mozart: The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
Album/station: Requiem, KV 626 (1989)
Length: 2.43