Thursday, July 06, 2006


Payday. Finally. Pretty early on in the week, the hole-in-the-wall blocked supply and I've had a constitutional crisis of my own. Hardihar.

That made no sense. But it's okay! I'm on holidays! I tell you what, after three weeks of school, I think I've earned it. Gosh I'm such a pussy. Teachers do forty weeks of that shit every year. Funnily enough though, I've run into a few of my students at the shops over the last few days. Heh, look at me: my students? Oh dear. And they still call me sir! How sweet! At least I haven't seen nor heard from creepy-emo-stalker-girl.

I met a pretty hot boy at a party on the weekend. Unfortunately, he doesn't worship at the altar of cock like, well, I do. I don't seem to meet any gays anymore. WHERE ARE YOU ALL? Anyway, the lads name was Dean and the lead singer of some band that I don't know. He walked around feeling people's nipples. Including mine. I felt his, too. Reciprocal nipple touching, he called it. If only he'd known. Unfortunately the bash ran out of alcohol before I could test out the six-beer law. It just wasn't my night.

So I'm staying at Mum's at the moment. It's nice to have a break from dense suburbia sometimes. Went up for lunch on the high street yesterday. Found a copy of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and watched that. And ohmigod I cried! How lame!

Listening to:
Title: Holiday
Artist: Mad'House
Album/station: Remix Heaven Vol. 2 (2003)
Length: 3.29