Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Happy Beerday.

So it was my birthday the other day. A pretty low-key affair. I'd intended for it to slip entirely below the radar, but it just wasn't the case. My parents actually remembered this year. How inconvenient. Now there's nothing for me to be bitter about. Bah!

After class, I ended up pickling my liver with a few mates over at dear, dear Manning House. I wasn't really intending on doing anything that night - I really only wanted to go home and wallow. But instead, I phoned around at the last minute and got drunk on a school night. And I was really feeling it when I turned up to my SpEd tute the next morning.

Oh memories of first year. When I turned eighteen, the birthday celebrations continued from the weekend well into the uni week. Ah yes, Manning Bar, noon on the first day of semester: copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, and all at Simon's expense. Cut to the Education Building, MacLab 224, later that day: inebriated, I sat at an iMac, trying my drunken best to learn, but only managing to giggle. I don't think anyone noticed - I hope.

But back to the drinking. I pashed someone I probably shouldn't have. Ah well. But it was good while it lasted.

Listening to:
Title: As Long As I Am
Artist: Paulmac feat. Luke Steele
Album/station: Panic Room (2005)
Length: 5.27