Monday, July 17, 2006

Blowing money on beer 'n wimmin.

Maybe not quite beer and women. Subsitute the words 'lolly water' and 'gay boys' and you'd have a more accurate representation of my weekend. And so I'm officially broke. Again. Loose me upon the world! Watch me fall destitute!

I didn't really want to go out on Saturday. Just generally recently I've been feeling sorry for myself. Mood swings, dontcha know. You'd think you'd have left them behind when glorious puberty had passed you by.

Lauren had a date with a spunky guy scheduled at some strange hour of the Saturday night/Sunday morning. She felt like she needed some Dutch courage, she said. And well, I missed her so I got off my moody bum and headed out. But it was her idea to go to Wall of Stone; I didn't want her to get trashed at a gaybar before her date. We joke about how she's my faghag, but I don't get to see her very often anymore. She works for the Tax Office now, and over some transnational non-crazy-Christian fair-trade coffee before the making-of-blindness, she answered all my tax questions. She was so pretty.

Anyway, so we ended up the place and drank, killing time before her date. But the imbibing of alcohol soon became the date. The boy joined us, with two of his mates. Did I mention the guy is an underwear model? Le swoon. And his entourage consisted of a twinky gay guy and a buff country bumpkin. It was the second trip into the city for the country boy. Ever. And what a way to spend it: in an establishment for the gay man, of all places. Fags left, right and centre, trying to get their greasy mits on him. Hey, I wouldn't blame 'em; I'd hit it. Hard.

The rest of the night/morning was a bit of a blur. I lost Lauren at some stage, bumped into a few ex-boyfriends. But I found a guy from uni, which I know isn't hard, but he was from my course, and in a lot of my classes, even. In fact, we'd often partnered up for group work and we each did our teaching practicum at the same school.

I'd known him for so long, and I didn't find out he was this-way-inclined until very recently. And even then, we'd never spoken about it openly. He moves in completely different circles to me and all the other gays I know. And here I was thinking Sydney's queers were all one giant, globular mass.

Ended up at the Imperial in Newtown. I don't think I'd ever really been there before. How I got there from Oxford Street, I don't know.

Listening to:
Title: Finished Symphony [Hybrid Soundtrack Edit Mix]
Artist: Hybrid
Album/station: Ministry of Sound: Chillout Session, Vol.2 (2002)
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