Thursday, June 15, 2006

Teaching practicum, day three.

I was hit with one class after the other today. First, year eleven (twice), then year ten and finally, year eight. It was a pretty good day considering. Year eight watched Super Size Me so they didn't cause much grief, year ten made models of atoms and year eleven are just perfect regardless.

I had a double dose of year eleven because the other science prac student asked me to sit in on her physics class and be her 'critical friend'. Both my chemistry and her physics classes are pretty much the same kids so I knew them all already. It's a little bit scary being dropped into the deep end like this. Our cooperating teachers are pretty much leaving us with the kids on our own while they seemingly use the time and opportunity to catch up on other work.

Anyhoo, I've spoken to some of the other prac students from other faculties at school and a couple more who've gone to other places, and nearly everyone is feeling the same: dejected, tired, confused. How sad. I think everyone is having second thoughts about teaching, which is a shame.

We're having a meeting at lunch tomorrow for all the prac students at school, and there's quite a bunch of us. I think it'll be more of a group therapy session.

Listening to:
Title: Without MSG I Am Nothing
Artist: McLusky
Album/station: McLuskyism(2006)
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