Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Teaching praccticum, day six.

Today was great. Period zero: year eleven chemistry. They were a dream. No problems at all, and I got through most of what I'd planned for the lesson. Then, period five, it was the class that I was dreading: year eight. But I stood my ground this time and I conquered them! Well, mostly. Anyway, it's cause for a party.

But there was/is a big downer to the whole day. See, on Thursday I have a science curriculum studies portfolio due. The thing is, I left it too late before I started the bloody thing and now the stuff I have done is pretty substandardly poor. It's all dawning upon me now, tonight. I'm looking at a fail for this unit, methinks. First F EVAH. Yep, that'll put the B.Ed. half of my degrees on hold for a year. Bah!

Of course, it's mostly my fault. I didn't do as many readings as I would've liked, and I didn't critically reflect on things as much as I should've. Oh, and STARTING EARLIER might've helped, too.

Then again, it's also a post-grad unit that we poor undergrads have been co-opted into. Make me feel better. Who else can I blame?

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Title: Save Tonight
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