Monday, June 05, 2006

Classrooms and staffrooms.

I went to my practicum school again today and I got to meet some of the kids I'll who'll be in my class - or whose class I'll be in. Either way. Now I know I've only had a couple of periods with them and that I wasn't the one charged with having to teach/manage them today, but they're the nicest group of kids. The teachers I've spoken to at school all agree that they aren't the best academically when compared to some other schools, but they do pretty well for themselves.

I wanted to get in in time for roll call, but I slept through my alarm. I'm not used to early mornings anymore. Bah! Stupid relaxed university hours. They've ruined me. Aside from trying to wake up on time, actually getting to school today sucked teh ball. It was freezing and wet, and I had to get two trains and a bus. I'm fine with having to take public transport but fuck, what has happened to the weather? It feels as though it hasn't been more than twelve degrees for the last two weeks. This can't be normal; apparently it was five degrees below average today. I'm not geared to wet and cold weather! My wardrobe simply isn't optimized for cold and rain.

It turned out that my year ten class wasn't until third period, so I bummed around in the staffroom with some of the other teachers. Have you ever watched Teachers? Okay well it wasn't quite like that, but how kerrazy would that be? I'd love it! But no, the teachers in the faculty are a top bunch. I went to an observation to a nearby school earlier in the semester, and they totally thought the worst of their kids. But despite similar problems, the teachers at my prac school expected more. I'm glad I've ended up there.

Of course I've also developed a bit of a crush one of the staff, which is typical of me, really. He's a quiet one, green eyes, and a little nerdy. Actually a nerdier, slightly older version of a shag from a few months ago. But ohmigod he's funny. He's got great timing and witty one-liners. Adorable. I ran into him on playground duty, and we mused about the idiocy of some of the kids who just sat in the rain in the middle of the oval. Le sigh.

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