Saturday, May 20, 2006

Woods: off to the final.

Eastwood, 28.
Parramatta, 22.
T.G. Millner Field, Marsfield.

Rock! On! The Woodies are in the Shute Shield Final next Saturday. And judging by the progess scores from Coogee Oval, it might be another match against Sydney Uni. Today's Woodies-Parra game may screen on ABC2 tomorrow from about 11.25pm if anyone feels like watching.

A Woodies lineout in the second half. Eastwood leads, 14-10.

Josh Holmes' caboose
Woodies' scrumhalf Josh Holmes in, erm, position.

Scrumhalf Josh Holmes
From behind again. Obviously he wasn't being co-operative AT ALL. I don't mind of course. Drool.

Woodies: Scrumhalf Josh Holmes
The thin blue line. Oh and Josh Holmes, too. NO I AM NOT STALKING HIM, ahem.

Listening to:
Title: Home Again
Artist: Dirty Vegas
Album/station: One (2004)
Length: 4.46