Saturday, May 27, 2006

Woods 17 def Uni 10.

Eastwood, 17.
Sydney University, 10.
T.G. Millner Field, Marsfield.

Gosh, it's been a week already? How boring, I blogged about the rugby last week only two entries ago. Bah!

Anyway, 'twas the Shute Shield grand final between Uni and Eastwood today. And the Woods kicked arse! There were quite a few fumbles though, but they still made it through.

It all gets repeated next Saturday. Eastwood plays Uni at T.G. Millner again in the first round of the Toohey's New Cup, but this time both sides may have a few kids back from Super14 duties. Sounds like quite the game, to me.

Listening to:
Title: How Soon Is Now?
Artist: The Smiths
Album/station: The Very Best Of The Smiths (2001)
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