Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mikey the educator.

The other day I received my teaching practicum placement which I'm quite pleased about. It's a public high school in the western suburbs, and I'll be there for three weeks from the thirteenth of June. That's right folks: the first day of stuvac. And that's because I DON'T HAVE ANY EXAMS THIS SEMESTER!!! Woo! Instead, I've got to put up with annoying little shits enjoy the company of teachers and students, experience the ups and downs of the profession as well as participating in the facilitation of students' construction of knowledge. Oh yeah.

I go in for a pre-prac visit on Monday. Apparently I've got to dress up all classy-like.

Also, I'm now a member of the NSW Teachers Federation. Because the union makes us strong.

Listening to:
Title: Ripple
Artist: The Church
Album/station: The Best of the Church(1999)
Length: 4.31