Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In school again.

I popped in to my practicum school yesterday for a pre-pre-prac visit. You know, just to get a few things worked out before I get my teaching timetable and all that jazz. Like ohmigod! A timetable! Periods! Bells! Assemblies! Roll call! Oh it's all coming back to me now.

I've been going through the staff handbook they gave me, and I almost can't remember living such a regimented life. Roll call, periods one and two, recess; periods three, four, five and six, lunch; periods seven and eight, home. Oh and the bureaucracy too! I only remember now how much red tape is churned out by schools, day-in day-out. Notes, forms and passes for this, that and everything else.

The head science teacher gave me a tour of the grounds, which were almost IDENTICAL to the high school I attended as an awkward teenager (which really wasn't all that long ago). Yes, the same generic designs from the late fifties. Remember back in the day when state governments mass-constructed and owned their own school buildings?

The folks are quite nice. I met most of the science faculty and the head honcho, the pricipal. Surprisingly, she was relatively young and female. Not that I don't think young women are incapable of the big job; it's just that you don't expect that sort of thing. I didn't get to meet any kids though. Not properly, at least; nothing aside from passing a couple in the corridor.

Anyway, I'm going to be observing/teaching a year eight science class, a year ten science class, and a year eleven chemistry class. My cooperating teacher is also the year ten adviser so I'll have to tag along for year ten adviser things, and I'll have to go to school sport too. And you know what? I'm a little bit excited. Squee!

I head back on Monday for a proper orientation-type thingy. Woo!

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