Monday, April 24, 2006

UQ: in daylight, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee...

So on Thursday night, Adsie took me to see a live production of Rent at UQ Union's Schonell Theatre which was rather good. The lad who was cast in the role of Roger was quite hot; the whole guitar and singing thing just rocks my socks.

Adsie took me on a tour of UQ some time afterward. Even though I'd never been there before, the place seemed familiar; the UQ campus features often in several of Nick Earls' novels that I've read. Just building names, mainly. Of course, it's not like visiting Hamlet's Elsinore or what, but sort of cool nonetheless.

We'd been in to the St Lucia campus earlier in the week when I tried to get a bit of that three-thousand word essay done, but it's so much prettier at night. By the way, that essay is still very much unfinished. Some would say unstarted. And I know that's not a word. It's due on Wednesday, so I've still got a little time.

UQ: Duhig Building
Duhig Building, housing the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

UQ: Physics Annexe
Physics Annexe. Woo physics!

UQ: Prentice Building
Covered way near the Prentice Building.

UQ: Physics Annexe
Physics Annexe, by Staff House Road.

UQ: Cane toad
An ugly ugly cane toad in front of the Wordsmiths Cafe. Probably should've killed it or something, but I shat myself and ran away.

Adsie at the NAB's ATM in the UQ Union Building.

UQ: Payphone
An international student, I gathered, using a payphone at some ungodly hour of the night. And she wasn't the only one. What's the deal?

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