Friday, April 07, 2006

Ululating like crazy people.

So someone thought it'd be a good idea for us student teachers to engage in some collective arse-making. Which suited me fine; it'd make a change from me just making an arse of myself all on my own. But it wasn't without its purpose, though. The arse-making was ostensibly to help us use our voices better in the classroom for when we go on practicum, and if we don't become discouraged by then, for our eventual teaching careers. So if you happened to be hanging around the Old Teachers' College today and heard ululating akin to a dying gazelle, that was us. Voice workshop plus arse-making equals fun!

Meanwhile, third-year B.Ed.(Secondary) seems to be full of gays or boys that should be. Or open to experimentation, at the very least. There's Mister Dane, for example: tall, dark, and a little odd. And he also has this stream-of-conciousness thing about him which I find fascinating. Some might say alluring. So as luck would have it, I ended up being partnered with him in the workshop today, and the fucker had me giggling all through it. Fucker. There was this one activity where each pair stood toe-to-toe, counted to one (ha!) and took a step back, counted to two and took another step back, and so on until we reached ten and then back again, adjusting the volume of one's voice as appropriate to the distance. When we met in the middle again, we ended up a tad closer than when we began - misjudged steps on the return journey, methinks - and he told me I smelt nice. Me: weak at the knees.

Listening to:
Title: I Get A Kick Out Of You
Artist: Jamie Cullum
Album/station: Twentysomething (2003)
Length: 4.10