Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shute Shield: round one.

Eastwood, 33.
Penrith, 17.
T.G. Millner Field, Marsfield.

A glorious first round of the Shute Shield club rugby comp. And, back to the stands at T.G. Millner, with its trademark hard and uncomfortable wooden seats and the cold, cold breeze blowing across the oval. It was absolutely freezing today - what the fuck was up with that? Great game though, and my Woodies totally caned Penrith. Woo!

Also, a lad from my year group in high school scored a position as a winger on the team. And ohmigod he's grown and bulked up since I last saw him. He's a beast now. Friggen HUUUUUGE!

Now of course, I go to rugby games for the strategy, the tactics, and the spirit of the sport. But, umm, the totty out there on the grass is nice too. You know, it's all just incidental. The Woodies' fly-half in the second grade team in the game before the big one, with the blond scruffy hair, pretty face... GRAWR. He took a monster tackle in the dying minutes and I may or may not have screamed out, "Not the face!". I want a rugby boy for my birthday. It's in July, so you've all got plenty of time.

Meanwhile, Adam and Steph played a nasty April Fool's prank on me. They pretended that they had a monster fight and called off their wedding. Of course I was going to be concerned, being the loyal friend that I am. Nasty. But wouldn't it have been shit if I'd told one that that the other was a bitch/bastard and that they were never right for each other in the first place? Remember rule forty-two: when consoling broken hearted friends, never use the he-or-she-is-shit approach.

Listening to:
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