Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sarge: the master of the house, plus Brisbane pics.

It's only the first week of my bestmate Sarge living on his own (temporarily at least - for a couple of months), and I've had to do his groceries for him. Not that I mind. It felt kind of cool, feeling fatherlike (or rather, motherlike) and buying things that I thought he should have. I wouldn't want him to go hungry, you see.

While he has the house to himself, I think I might have to head over and crash every few nights or so. Or maybe even live there for a while. You know, to keep him company and stuff, what with him being in such a big house all on his lonesome. And after a week away, I'm hating coming back to live with my parents, so getting away again would be a pleasant bonus.

Meanwhile, some more photos from the aforementioned Brisbane trip. A bunch didn't turn out as great as I'd thought they would, so there aren't as many as I'd like. Oh well.

Departing Central
A train departs Brisbane Central for points south.

Wellington Point
Our stop.

The Gabba
If you'll believe me, this is The Gabba. A poor unfortunate combination of a fast car, poor light and slow shutterspeed.

Story Bridge
The Story Bridge over Kangaroo Point.

Brisbane city lights
The City from over the Brisbane River, also at Kangaroo Point.

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