Sunday, April 23, 2006

All aboard, part deux.

NT32 Car D, Seat 39.
dep Brisbane (Roma Street) 0730 Saturday 22 Apr 2006
arr Sydney Terminal (Central) 2154 Saturday 22 Apr 2006

I'll tell you what: I was over the romance of rail travel after Kyogle - the first stop. I thought it'd never end. Fourteen hours and twenty-four minutes. Three different people occupied the seat next to me over the whole sojourn from Roma Street to Sydney Terminal. And I outlasted all of them. At least when I got to Central, there were a pair of heritage trains. Lucky me.

There's something funny about whooshing through familiar railway stations on long distance trains. You don't get that when you fly. It's just, well, when you've been staring out this window for fourteen-and-a-bit hours, you've seen all this scenery that's so foreign to you. Then suddenly something familiar, something local whizzes past. The trips never feel over until you've stepped off the plane or train, and yet my local station had flashed past like the countless unfamiliar ones before it, as if I was still hundreds of kays away from home. It spun me out. Or maybe I was just delirious. Fourteen hours. Bah!

XP2014 at Roma Street
NT31 from Sydney arrives at Roma Street at 0630, turns around and forms NT32 to Sydney, departing at 0730.

Arrival of NT32
NT32 arrives on Platform 2 at Sydney Terminal.

4803 on Cockatoo Run

4916 on Cockatoo Run
4803 and 4916 head up the Cockatoo Run from Platform 1 at Sydney Terminal.

Grey Nurse 3801
3801 in grey on Platform 3 at Sydney Terminal.

Waiting for mum and dad
Waiting for mum and dad to pick me up.

There will be some Brisbane photos. I promise. A bunch of them.

Listening to:
Title: Quicksand
Artist: Seu Jorge
Album/station: The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge
Length: 4.35