Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2 903 words.

So my essay is clocking in at 2 903 words. Seriously, though, it’s a shitty essay. I should’ve started on it weeks ago instead of Sunday night. Then I wouldn’t be here in the Education Building’s AccessLab, hours before it’s due, furiously finishing and attempting to de-crapify this fourteen page, double spaced pile of steaming brown badness. Gah!

And just look at the question:

Reflection is the most important aspect for teachers and schools in creating effective learning environments.

Discuss this statement incorporating your observations, coursework, expriences and professional reading.

Your response should be exploratory, critical and reflective, typed and may include diagrams and images.

I’ve been told by mates in education faculties from other universities that it’s a shit question, too. One laughed and said that my lecturer probably hates me. Le sigh.

Listening to:
Title: Oh! You Pretty Things
Artist: Seu Jorge
Album/station: The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge (2005)
Length: 3.31