Friday, March 03, 2006

University bureaucracy.

Alrighty. The inaugural post from the AccessLab in the Education Building will be an incoherent rant. Great start to the year, innit? Honestly, this ridiculous bureaucracy has me seriously rethinking this B.Ed.(Sec.).,B.Sc. degree. Okay well not really, but well it's my party and I'll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. You'd cry too if it happened to you. Et cetera.

So I came to uni today for this course orientation meeting. I thought it'd all be pretty sweet. I'd enrolled in all the units that I was supposed to and I was pretty confident it was all good. Then the guy who's in charge of the science curriculum subjects tells me that EDSE3053 Teaching Science Elective (Senior Science) isn't running in and was never offered for first semester. Bah! The online enrolment system said it was offered, and I even had to put in a special permission form to the faculty office. So some bigwig in Edfac must've thought it was running too, gave approval and let me enroll.

Bah cruntsticks. So now I've got to re-enroll in EDSE3053, but for second semester. And now I'll be overloaded. Woe is me. On the upside, I'd have it easy this semester, so that got me thinking. Maybe I could jump everyone else and sign up to a first semester physics unit to make up for that lost class and I'd have a proper full load. Sweet. And it'd sure solve the problem of losing momentum with my science degree, excuse the pun. Of course, I was WRONG. Teaching practicum covers both stuvac and the exam period. So it wasn't a goer. Bah!

It already sucks as it is, seeing that there isn't going to be a physics teaching elective. Not for this year at least, and there's a slim chance it might get up next year. Very slim. I don't want to teach chemistry. Chemistry sucks teh ball. How is Edfac meant to churn out much needed physics teachers if they don't even run the course? Kerrazy.

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