Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Sunday.

In breaking with tradition, I did not drink myself stupid this weekend. If my liver could talk, he'd thank me. But I did, however, wake up to the periodical fragmentation of my family. There's a two year cycle with this sort of thing, usually. And I don't care what you say, it's always my Dad's fault. Hopefully though, this time it's for good.

The catalyst this time: some girl he's had on the side, probably on his last trip overseas. Which was pretty much the same sort of deal last time my parents split. This time though, Dad received a txt message and Mum read it, which may or may not have been inadvertant, seeing as they both have near identical mobile phones. Then Dad went on a three-and-a-bit hour tirade (or a thirty second rant, repeated ad nauseum) about how his privacy was invaded, as if it was all Mum's fault.

My parents have split up more than a few times in the past, but for some godforsaken reason they end up getting together again. I don't know why my mum keeps coming back - my dad is nothing but a big dickhead. He's spiteful, vindictive, manipulative and is severely deficient in tact. At least she has a choice. If I had the means, this birdy would have flown the coup years ago, let me tell you. Ah well. Two and a bit years (maybe even less) and I'm gone.

Anyway, I explored most of the Bicentennial and Millennium Parklands on m'bike today. Great day, sunny and not too hot. I think I did about thirty kilometres in all. I'm a little worse for wear though. I have some lower back pain now, and my right knee is acting up.

Listening to:
Title: Freelove
Artist: Depeche Mode
Album/station: Exciter (2001)
Length: 6.10