Saturday, March 18, 2006

St Patrick's Day.

Dinner at the Lansdowne, five-dollar steak. Indulged in a little drinking.

Traipsed down City Road. Simon snatched unlit cigarette from my mouth and cruuuushed it under foot. Was down to last one. Simon got that one too.

Saw Scrabble Unscripted at the Newtown RSL. Much hilarity.

Imbibed at Kelly's. Was honorarily Irish for a few hours. Sang/mumbled Irish standards and blokey rock songs. Got pissed off when man with guitar broke a string. Played pool and won.

Stumbled to the Marly. Did as one does.

Wee hours of morning. Parted ways with the group. Stumbled back up King Street and through uni. Slept a while on front lawns.

Didn't feel like being a bum anymore, got up, walked up Broadway. Watched a guy get hit by a car. And then saw his mate run across the road to help him, but got hit too. Saw bodies fly through the air and hit the road like rag dolls. Saw windscreens shatter. Heard flesh meeting pressed steel. I cried.

Boarded the last Nightride bus instead of first train as planned. Crazy man harassed the bus driver. Discerned that the hot boys sitting in front of me frequent the Wall of Stone but are in fact straight. Wankers.

Bus drove past the accident scene. By that stage, police and ambulance were in attendance. Flashing lights dazzled me.

Arrived at my stop. Disappointed that hot straight wankers didn't get off the bus too. Walked down my street. Realised I'd lied to my mum and told her I'd be staying at a mate's house. Realised how much of a tosser I am, still lying to mum at my age. Walked down through the park under moonlight to the ferry wharf. Started singing By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.

Noticed first ferry wasn't 'till 9ish. Finally headed home.

Couldn't help but be noisy when I got in and woke mum up. Headed straight for my room. Put fresh pack of cigarettes under latest issue of DNA in my drawer; would rather parents find pictures of hot men than cancer sticks.


Listening to:
Title: At The River
Artist: Groove Armada
Album/station: Ministry of Sound: Chillout Session, Vol. 2 (2002)
Length: 3.59