Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Idle chit-chat.

Alrighty, so over the summer holidays, it appears that Dave was involved with a reality program called Nerd FC. Apparently, a bunch of sportingly-inept nerds get trained up in the art and/or science that is football (a.k.a. the sport formerly known as soccer), and eventually play off against a first-grade, A-League team.

But Dave? A nerd? I mean, sure he's a little skinny. And he a moves a little awkwardly. But he's got the perfect tan. And he's a tiny bit cute. He's even got pretty hot hair.

Hmm. Oh dear, that'll be a show to watch. It'll screen on SBS TV weekly from Good Friday.

Also, Edward and I are thinking of branch-stacking the Dems. Well that, and competing for first position on the Democrats Senate ticket for 2013. Apparently, he appeals to the old folks, and little ol' me, I appeal to the call-centre-chick demographic. Obviously we'd do the Dems a whole lot of good, seeing as old folks and call centre chicks are an influential segment of the electorate. But seriously though, I'm still shopping around for a political party to join since I made a resolution to that effect post-2004 election. And the Dems are at the top of the shortlist.

And, umm, if you've never seen one and always wanted to see what dumb bogans look like, well then here you go.

Oh, and further to the previous post, if I ever end up getting one, I think I might call my boat Schrodinger's Cat.

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