Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday night: the President on Aunty.

So The West Wing screened for the first time on the ABC tonight and I think the show has found it's natural home. It's a shame US network NBC axed it.

This time around, I found myself getting really into it. I don't think any other political drama comes close. But you know, it could've been the absence of ads that did it for me tonight. Or maybe it's just my aversion the commercial networks and pretentious preference for good ol' Aunty. Who knows. But if there ever is a President Martin Sheen President Jed Bartlett, I might even consider moving to the US. Ah well, as if the voters of America would ever elect a guy like him anyway.

I used to date a lad who was mad for The West Wing. He was mad for anything political, really - a student politician in the making, back when I knew him. His interest in politics was just a touch more zealous than mine, but enough to put him over that tipping point from being an armchair expert (like moi) and actually doing something about it (like El Presidente, i.e. him).

We used to do this thing where we'd txt each other messages in diplomat-speak or politic-ese. "The presence of the Mikeynational Minister for Snuggles is requested in the Bed Embassy for an important summit", or something like that. Once, he briefly put hugonomic sanctions on me because because I chose a crap film when we went to the movies, but I managed to 'smuggle' a few cuddles in during that time. There was even a UN Kisses-for-Hugs program.

Yeah, it seems pretty wanky now but well, you just had to be there I guess.

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