Friday, February 10, 2006

Super14, part one.
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It's always the same at my place when the rugby is on. I'll stay over at my Mum's house, where the TVs are hooked up to Foxtel, and I'll park myself in front of the telly on one couch with my uncle on the other, and anyone else that wants to join us has to bring their own chair/stool/milkcrate to sit on. Because it's my couch, dammit.

So the 2006 Super14 started today with the match between the Brumbies and the Force, and with it started the almost year-long season of exclusive sitting rights on the aforementioned sofa. Now I'm not a fan of either team; I mean, my tribal loyalties already lie with this other team. But a bunch of guys from my local rugby club are playing for the Force this year, so despite them being a west coast team, they were my pick. It's a shame they lost, twenty-five to ten.

So here's to a new year of hugging/juggling/tossing the Gilbert on the couch in front of the TV (or in the stands at TG Millner Field, Concord Oval or Uni Oval No.1). And may the Woodies, Waratahs and the Wallabies smite all their rivals this year.

Y'know, someone said to me that I'd made a transformation from camp to butch in under twenty-four hours - from singing whole Grease soundtrack one night and then watching big buff guys smacking into each other the next. Hey, I'm a lad of diverse intersts. And it's not just about the perving as was suggested (although the new skin tight jerseys don't hurt).

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