Friday, February 10, 2006

Summer heat, boy and boy meet / But, uh oh, those summer nights...

So Adsy's been and gone. Le sigh. The last couple of days have probably been the best this summer. It's all felt like a bit of a holiday without leaving home, really. Since there was no space at the Mikeymoo Inn due to a pair of overbearing and nosey parents, Steph kindly put us up for the last couple of nights. Much hilarity ensued, owing to the presence of two Adams in da house (the other one being my bestmate and Steph's significant other).

Amongst other things we did while he was here, we went to karaoke at Stonewall (both of us were impressed by a pair of cute lads of did an duet of Abba's Does Your Mother Know) and we went and saw The Aristocrats. I nearly died in the cinema that night, I absolutely cacked myself. Then there were the late night wanderings about our fair city and the trips on the Nightride bus at godforsaken hours of the morning back to Steph's.

And well, there was cuddling too. And as it turns out, I'm not a total bottom after all. Oh Adsy. So sweet and adorable, I could eat him for dessert. Shame he lives so far away. So, you know, I don't get to see him very often. Ah well. Looks like a trip to Brisbane is in the offing.

Listening to:
Title: Last Goodbye
Artist: Jeff Buckley
Album/station: Grace(1994)
Length: 4.35