Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In the navy.

Alright, so I like to think of myself as a pacifist. But the thing is, I have this weird fascination with the military. And not just for the lads in uniform, mind you. In high school, way back when kids like me were sussing out their futures, joining the navy really appealed to me. I liked the pomp, ceremony and tradition. I mean, who ever watched Hornblower and didn't want to go sailing into battle? And also the idea of being at the service of the community, maybe that too (but being a public school teacher instead is kind of serving the community, erm, right?). Incidently, I even thought about joining the Army Reserve. But I'd need to be right buff for that. Or maybe I'd be all buff as a result? Gah. Chicken, egg; egg, chicken.

Anyway, when my bestmate Adam and I had heard that a new toy was in harbour, we thought we'd go and have a gander.

Fleet Base East, Sydney.

The view from Harry's along the wharf at Fleet Base East: (front to rear) HMA Ships Success (AOR 304), Warramunga (FFH 152), Stuart (FFH 153), USS Pinckney (DDG 91), HMAS Newcastle (FFG 06).

HMA Ships Armidale and Townsville

Also in Darling Harbour for the Seapower Conference: HMA Ships Armidale (ACBP 83) and Townsville (FCBP 205). Incidently, the next one in the class after Armidale, Bathurst, carries the same name as the corvette that Adam's grandfather served on in the Second World War.

HMA Ships  Armidale, Townsville and Hawkesbury

HMA Ships Armidale (ACBP 83), Townsville (FCBP 205) and Hawkesbury (M 83).

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