Monday, February 13, 2006

Cogito ergo sum.

Alrighty. So I've downloaded, printed and filled out a Statutory Declaration to Register a Change of Name. You know, just to see what it would look like on paper. At the moment I've just inserted another middle name - one that I'm not really all that attached to right now, but one that's different.

I've been thinking of changing my name for a while, scoping out different things I'd like to call myself. So far, I've decided that I'll keep my surname and some semblance of my first, but that might be relegated to a lower ranking middle. You know, not that I'm not having some kind of emo identity crisis or anything. I think I'm just going through some kind of existentialist phase.

So I'm still looking for a suitable first name, and I've set myself a dead line of graduation, circa 2008/9 so that my testamur will have my brand spanking new name on it. Suggestions are welcome (I believe the weasel words are 'community consultation'), but the name Michael and any derivative thereof are out.

Listening to:
Title: The Old Apartment
Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Album/station: Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1991-2001) (2001)
Length: 3.22