Friday, January 20, 2006


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Behold! Summerstorm! Here I was, waiting impatiently for the DVD to be released on Monday when I hear that JB Hi-Fi in the City has put it on its shelves a little prematurely. Props to Harley for the heads-up!

Le sigh. It's better than I remember it was. Gosh, it's been around six months since it screened on SBS. Aaages ago. Six months of waiting. And I have an aversion to waiting.

And if that isn't enough, Summerstorm is screening at the Newtown Dendy next Wednesday. Woo!

And oh dear, I'm in love with Leo (Marlon Kittel), the guy from the queer Berlin rowing team who shows closeted Bavarian rower Tobi the, erm, joys of boy sex. Making love on the wharf by the lake. Kissing tenderly on a bunk bed in the middle of the storm. Dreamy. Oh Leo. Besides being a nice piece of Deutsche crumpet, he's everything I want in a boy. He's sweet, thoughtful, tender, even when the other guy is being a total cockscrape. And quite often, I am a total cockscrape. See, we'd be perfect.

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Leo (left) and Tobi (right). Mmm Leo.

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