Sunday, January 29, 2006

Summer Sundays.

Something I'm going to look forward to when I move out: waking up on late on a Sunday morning after a big night out, frying up a few burgers and some bacon, and maybe an egg, then slapping it all on a few slices of toast and eating it over the kitchen sink with a frosty glass of beer in hand. Well, I do that sort of thing now, but it'd be cool doing it in my own place. Le sigh.

Meanwhile, today I began cycling on a new, longer route. So after crossing the river on the old lattice girder railway bridge, I now continue on down through Rhodes, Concord West and around Bicentennial Park and back, before rejoining on the old route over the Ryde Bridge to Kissing Point and then back to Meadowbank Park. It's about twenty kilometres, just over double the old route and chock-full of hills, and it takes me just under one and a half hours to do.

My cycle route
Larger size? Satellite image from Google Maps.

It's all a part of the Buff-By-Birthday Scheme, something I resolved to do at the beginning of the year, probably in some kind of drunken stupor but nonetheless it's probably worth my while. I'm hoping to turn my skinny bag of bones into something more, umm, desirable before I turn twenty in July. Come semester break, if all goes well, youse might be seeing me shaking my arse feathers topless at Arq or something.

Listening to:
Title: 60 Miles An Hour
Artist: New Order
Album/station: International (2002)
Length: 4.35