Monday, January 23, 2006

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So I succumbed and bought an iPod. Yep, a black 2GB Nano. And it's been nothing to me but grief for the last day or two. El gringo lappytop just won't acknowledge that it exists. Stick the white cord into lappy's USB port and he'll just ignore it. I've done everything the iPod support website suggests, but nothing. Oh well. At least it works with Mum's computer.

This whole episode's got me thinking of finally retiring this old boy and sending him to the big laptop bag in the sky. He's given a few good years of service and he should go out with dignity-- Ohmigod, what am I saying, it's a fucking computer.

I'm not sure if anyone else goes through this sort of thing or if it's only me, but I suffer from obsolescence anxiety. It really bothers me that you can buy something with money that you've bled, sweated and cried for, and in a matter of weeks or months, some faceless corporation releases something that renders what you've purchased worthless. And then when it busts, you can't get it mended because it isn't supported anymore so you have to buy a new-fangled one and the cycle starts again. Oh dear, such a bourgeois affliction...

Meanwhile, I'm ditching the white earphones and instead going with my chunky silver headphones. I'm just replacing one affectation with another one really, but it could just as easily be about intra-iPodosphere snobbery. Yep Adsy, you're right: gosh, I'm a wanker.

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Title: The View
Artist: Modest Mouse
Album/station: Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004)
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