Friday, January 06, 2006

Collected musings.

I went to the high street for lunch the other day and I saw the cutest thing. A pair of identical twins: one was in hot surfy garb - you know, boardies, slimfit tee, a pair of thongs and scruffy dirty-blonde hair. And the other was was dolled up in some emo gear, complete with emo hair, Chuck-Taylors and black and white stripy socks. Both ├╝ber hot too. Mmm.

SBS TV screened the final part of The Corporation the other night. The Corporation also went to air on SBS for a couple of Wednesday nights last January. I remember spending every Wednesday night it was on TV at the then boyfriends place, and we watched it together. Le sigh. I attach memories and meaning to feckin' everything.

When the blood bank says male-to-male sex, do they mean all manner of man-to-man sexual contact? Or just anal-penetrative sex? If they only mean the latter, then well, I've done my twelve months of absention and I'm due to give blood. Finally. Don't know whether that's something to be proud of or not.

Hot Nickelodeon boy Drake Bell (hotter than Jesse McCartney as far as barely legal totty goes, I reckon) has survived a car crash somewhere in LA. You know, not that I pay attention to celebrity news or anything.

Young Labor wants to bring back national service - but national service not necessarily being military service, that is. It's an interesting thought, and I agree with the general idea. Y'know, turning us young'uns into more productive units of society instead of the self-obsessed, increasingly conservative and apathetic bunch that a large swathe of Gen Y seems to be morphing into. But being compulsory might not be such a good idea. Maybe instead if it were voluntary and strongly encouraged. With incentives. Maybe.

And lastly, fan-fucking-tastic: debate and dissent has been outlawed in this country. I would be looking forward to the next election, but I get the feeling that the mindless body politic will probably re-elect these aspiring dictatorial fiends.

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