Thursday, January 19, 2006


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I knew Summerstorm wouldn't be out (pardon the pun) until next Monday. But I had to browse the foreign/gay and lesbian film section of HMV in Pitt Street anyway. And of course, while window shopping, I didn't mind the ghastly prices that His Master's Voice puts on their goods.

But then I found this: Prom Queen. It's based on a true story apparently, about a Canadian lad at a Catholic school who wants to take his boyfriend to his prom. And like lot of gay-themed 'coming of age' flicks, it's a sort of hybrid between B-grade teen drama and daytime soap. So much cheese that even those who aren't lactose intolerant will have the squirts. But then there are nice cuddly parts. Is it possible to be both bad and good at the same time? Bah! And may I never utter the words 'coming of age' ever again.

Thank fuck for the Canadians. Less uptight than their southern bretheren. And with cuter accents too.

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