Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another ghey movie.

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So the other day I was browsing the gay et al section of HMV Pitt Street again, which is something I should probably stop doing for a couple of reasons. Firstly, HMV prices are ridiculous. Big deal, so you've got a dog listening to a fucking gramophone. Apparently that's a licence to anally butt rape poor consumers like me. It's just not cute anymore! Teach the old dog a new trick for fucks sake (although, I suppose I don't have to shop there, so it's my fault for my aching behind, really). But I digress. Secondly, we wouldn't want my DVD library (and well, my life) to become one-dimensional, would we?

Anyway, I purchased myself a copy of Eating Out. You know, because of hot Ryan Carnes, and the scene where you can see, for a split second, his doodle. My gawd, his character's name is Marc Everhard. Le eyeroll.

Yep, so Eating Out probably wasn't worth the dosh I spent on it. Buff straight guy gets dumped by skank, gay room mate gives him this brilliant idea to pretend to be gay. Buff straight guy 'eats out' with hot Ryan Carnes, whom gay room mate is apparently in love with, in order to have teh secks with the faghag. Hilarity ensues. And that's the plot. You do get to see a lot of Ryan Carnes' pecs and his six-pack though, and same again with the buff straight guy. MmMmm. But it felt like they crossed a soap with a sit-com, threw in a few fags and dragged it out for 90 minutes. That said though, I'd probably watch it again.

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