Sunday, January 01, 2006

Anno Domini MMVI.

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January first means that it's circa twenty-four days until Sommersturm is released on DVD in Australia. Bugger Brokeback Mountain. I've been waiting so long for this - ever since it screened on SBS TV on a July Monday night last year! Besides casting hot lads, the plot is pretty alright and it gets warm and fuzzy in parts, hot and heavy in others. It's a somewhat innocent teen flick for gayboys, really. I mean, there's angst! And brooding! Boys kissing boys! And blah blah something about challenging the heteronormative bias of teen/young adult media!

Meanwhile, working the night of New Year's Day sucks. For some reason, more people called up to complain about Faceless CorporationTM's Patented ProductTM than usual.

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Title: Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Artist: The Smiths
Album/station: The Very Best of the Smiths (2001)
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