Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Moving things.

Steph, friend and best-friend's girlfriend, moved house today and I offered my services as a muscle-bound (ha!) male. See, she'd recently found this adorable puppy in a shop window and had to have him. Unfortunately the the body corporate of the block of apartments she was living in didn't take too kindly to dogs. Ah well, their loss. So now she's in a house not too far away - a house with a big yard that Danny, her mini fox terrier, can go crazy in.

I wouldn't say it was a good day on which to move big heavy things. Hot. Sticky. Bad. Doorways should be wider. By law. And cute as he is, little Danny kept getting in the way. Mongrel.

Oh Danny-boy. The pipes, the pipes are calling: from glen to glen, and down the mountain side. He's so cute. So little. So young. He makes me wish I had a tail, so I could wag it too. I love him. When I intermittently fell like a bag of bones on the floor from all the effort I'd put in, Danny came trotting over to me and slobbered all over my face. Naww. You know, I'm flattered and all, but I could think of other boys I'd like to have licking me. Well, there's this one lad. Human; definitely not canine. But that's another story for later.

Steph works for Faceless CorporationTM, too. Somewhere down at the coal face, right on the front line, whereas I'm somewhere near the home front - the nerve-centre of the operation, if you will - but paid less. Bah.

So after she picked me up from work last night, in anticipation of the big move today, she took me to her branch of the business. And I was impressed. Where I work and where she works couldn't be any more diferent, but it's all a part of the one big machine. It's nice to know how the other half lives, as it were. It was a little bit of a Winston Smith moment. You know, Inner Party kind of stuff, seeing as she isn't allowed at my place of employment. Erm, yeah.

Anyway, new house equals combined New Years and house-warming party! Yay! No idea about a gift yet, though.

Listening to:
Title: Rocket Man
Artist: My Morning Jacket
Album/station: Chapter 1 The Sandworm Cometh: Early Recordings (2004)
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