Saturday, July 15, 2006

He smells.

You're walking down a grey city street. Everything is grey. The sky is grey, the footpath, the road, the buildings, even the people are grey.

A man in a long black coat brushes past you, and you smell something familiar. It's sweet and flowery, but musky and masculine, too. Sexy. The moment it tickles the hairs in your nostrils, synapses fire all through your body: it's the fragrance that you remember one of your ex-boyfriends used to wear. You don't know what it is exactly, but you've been looking for it in all the shops ever since you saw him last.

Two years have passed. Two years since that cold June Sunday afternoon. You woke up first; he was drooling on his pillow. It was pretty unsexy, you remember, but strangely adorable. With that thought, you dove under the doona and roused him from his slumber with a blowjob. And after you'd finished him off, he took a bleary-eyed look under the doona, letting a crack of light and that cute lop-sided smile of his shine through. He pulled you up and nibbled on your ear lobe, his stubble scouring your cheek. He still smelled like he did the night before. It was that fragrance.

You remember drifting back to sleep, your head on his chest. You sigh. You don't miss him, you think to yourself. No. But you wouldn't object to waking up with him again.

Your eyes almost follow the scent over your shoulder and you do a double-take. No, black-coat-man's too tall, and just not him. And you're a little disappointed.

Listening to:
Title: I Will Follow You into the Dark
Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Album/station: Plans (2005)
Length: 3.09